50th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s Civil Rights Announcement

Vivian Malone and James Hood

Credit: AP News Features Photo

June 11th marked the 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s Civil Rights Announcement.  The day before, a standoff over the desegregation of the University of Alabama help set the stage for the President’s historic speech.

Two African Americans attempted to enroll at the University on June 10, 1963. To fight their enrollment in the all-white school, Alabama Governor George Wallace accompanied state troops to literally block the door preventing them from entering the building.  President Kennedy then sent the National Guard to force the school to allow the young people to enroll. The next morning, on June 11th, Governor Wallace relented and Vivian Malone and James Hood became the first black students at the University of Alabama.
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President John Kennedy

Credit: AP Photo/Charles Gorry

That evening President Kennedy announced to the nation his intent to pursue civil rights legislation. In the live televised speech, he called for all Americans to stop and examine his or her “conscience about this and other related incidents. This nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”

Read the entire Civil Rights Announcement by President Kennedy here:

Listen to President Kennedy deliver the Civil Rights Announcement here:

Pre-employment Testing Software Provides Defensibility (Video)

In this video, Mike Callen, Vice President of Products at Biddle Consulting Group, discusses one of the most important reasons to use pre-employment testing software in your organization – defensibility.

Video: NEOGOV – Biddle Testing Integration Overview

Biddle Consulting Group has partnered with NEOGOV to offer a complete online HR solution from posting job openings, accepting applications, pre-employment testing to hiring new employees. The whole recruitment process is now available in one package!

Insight, NEOGOV’s online applicant tracking and career portal, is now fully integrated with the Biddle Consulting Group employment assessment and test validation suite including:

Earlier this week Mike Callen, Vice President of Biddle’s Product Division, and Michelle Cline, NEOGOV’s Product Manager, presented an overview webinar introducing the NEOGOV- Biddle integration. If you missed it or would like a review, the video and presentation slides are  below.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Download the webinar presentation slides (PDF)

Additional Resources:

Video: Working Together: Biddle Consulting Group & NEOGOV
In this video, Biddle CEO Dan Biddle and NEOGOV President Scott Letourneau discuss the benefits of our new partnership and specifically what it means to clients.

PATJA: New Tool for Developing Validated Physical Ability Tests

Leading Functional Employment Testing Provider WorkSTEPS Announces Partnership with Validation-Experts Biddle Consulting Group to Release New Tool for Developing Validated Physical Ability Tests

WorkSTEPSWorkSTEPS, the nation’s leading provider of functional employment testing, recently announced a partnership with Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. to release the new Physical Ability Testing Job Analysis (PATJA) tool, which is designed to develop validated Physical Ability Tests for a variety of jobs.

The PATJA tool streamlines the collection of physical ability job analysis data, and then automatically creates a Physical Ability Test for positions in a way that addresses federal testing and job analysis standards. PATJA provides an unprecedented degree of validation of the job analysis process, and ensures that the process addresses the requirements set by the federal Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

The exclusive WorkSTEPS/Biddle partnership provides unprecedented legal defensibility of the WorkSTEPS functional employment test, already recognized as the industry’s gold-standard. The PATJA tool, for the first time, automates the creation of testing criteria to yield objective and defensible functional employment tests.

WorkSTEPS is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and is a leading national provider of functional pre-employment and post-injury testing programs used by Corporations nationwide. Corporations use WorkSTEPS’ proprietary tests to determine the overall fitness of employment candidates to perform essential job functions and tasks. The Company’s tests are also used by its clients to compare the functional status of existing employees that are injured on the job both pre and post injury. WorkSTEPS’ appropriately administered and designed testing services help corporations mitigate the incidence and cost of worker injury, and provide them with better data used in remediation of claims such that incidence and costs are reduced almost immediately.

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) specializes in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) consulting, litigation support, personnel testing software development, and Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) outsourcing and software. Since 1974, BCG has worked with thousands of employers in these areas, as well as providing litigation support as consultants or experts in over 200 state, federal, and circuit court of appeal EEO cases involving statistics and/or job-relatedness (test validity) analyses. BCG has developed and validated personnel tests in hundreds of situations used by thousands of employers.

New Prophecy Nurse Testing Overview Video

For more information about the Prophecy Nursing Assessments visit www.ournextnursehire.com/prophecy or contact David McParland at 877-773-4473, ext. 700 or by email at dmcparland@prophecyhealth.com.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Mini Biography

from Biography.com

Additional Martin Luther King, Jr. Resources:

Biddle Consulting Group will be closed on Monday, January 21, 2013 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Resources for Hiring Veterans

A 2011 poll by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Northeast ADA Center at Cornell University, indicated that many employers aren’t aware of what web resources exist for hiring veterans.

For your reference, here’s a list of several veteran’s resources:

Tip of the Arrow Foundation Tip of the Arrow Foundation Career One Stop Career One Stop
VetSuccess.Gov VetSuccess.Gov Veteran's Employment and Training Service Veteran’s Employment & Training Service(VETS)
Wounded Warrior Project Wounded Warrior Project America's Heroes at Work America’s Heroes at Work
Disabled American Veterans Disabled American Veterans Hire Heroes USA Hire Heroes USA
Paralyzed Veterans of America Paralyzed Veterans of America SHRM: Military Employment Resource Page SHRM: Military Employment Resource Page
JOFDAV Job Opportunities for Disabled American Veterans 


Joint Webinar Presentation with America’s Job Exchange.

“Preparing for OFCCP Compliance: A Wholistic Approach”

Free October 16th Webinar Presented by Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. and America’s Job Exchange

This special webinar will discuss OFCCP compliance from a multi-tiered approach. Bringing together outreach/recruitment and the metrics necessary to remain compliant, Rathin Sinha, President of America’s Job Exchange and Patrick Nooren, PhD, Executive Vice President of Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. will discuss the latest concerns related to today’s complex compliance environment.

Rathin Sinha, President, America's Job Exchange
Rathin Sinha, President,
America’s Job Exchange
Patrick Nooren, Executive Vice President, Biddle Consulting Group
Patrick Nooren, EVP,
Biddle Consulting Group

Space is limited. Register today!

Preparing for OFCCP Compliance: A Wholistic Approach
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

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Nurse Assessment Research Completed

by Daniel Biddle,  Ph.D., President, Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

Research was recently completed on a three-part assessment battery (called “Prophecy”) that is designed to measure the “whole person” when it comes to nursing. This assessment was created by three testing firms (Prophecy Healthcare, Inc., Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., and PeopleClues), who joined in a two-year study with Saint Francis Medical Center (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) and Frederick Memorial Hospital (Frederick, Maryland). These two hospitals provided 837 nurses and 39 nurse supervisors who rated each nurse on 19 dimensions of job performance. Their performance ratings were correlated to the three assessments that were developed in the study: Clinical tests (job knowledge tests), Situational Judgment (video-based interpersonal skills test), and a Behavioral personality test specifically validated for nurses.

The research revealed that this multi-faceted selection system forges a powerful selection battery that is highly predictive of job success (the correlation between the three tests and job performance was an outstanding r = .67), which is one of the highest reported in the nurse testing literature. This strong validity was only possible using a selection strategy that measured the “whole person”: book knowledge, interpersonal competence, and personality. The chart below shows how each of the three test components worked to predict 19 different dimensions of job performance that were evaluated in the study.

How well do various tests predict job performance?

For example, the three tests predict Multitasking relatively equally (between 30% and 40% each); whereas, Honest and Conscientiousness work practices were most effectively predicted by the Behavioral, Situational, and the Clinical (in this order). Because of this strong correlation to job performance, healthcare facilities using Prophecy can greatly improve the “utility” of their nurse hiring processes. For example, making the assumption that 60% of the incoming nurses are qualified (i.e., would receive job performance ratings of average or higher), facilities that hire highest-scoring 40% of test takers will hire nurses who are 86% likely to receive job performance ratings that are at least “average” or higher. This 26% gain (86% v. 60%) is a substantial strategic advantage gained by using validated testing practices like Prophecy. Facilities hiring the top 20% will place nurses who are 93% likely to be rated average+ on the job. “Prophecy” is named after this unique ability to predict the future performance levels of incoming nursing staff.

Prophecy also results in substantial financial gains for facilities. For example, small healthcare facilities that hire between 20 and 50 nurses annually will gain between $1m and $2.5m (every year) in performance advantages by using Prophecy. The annual gains are much higher for larger facilities, with up to $10-$15m for facilities that hire 200-300 nurses annually.

Prophecy Online Nursing AssessmentsIf you’d like to know more about using the Prophecy Nurse Assessments in your healthcare organization, please visit the Prophecy Healthcare website at www.ProphecyHealth.com.



Run for Courage

Run for Courage
Criselda CooperCriselda Cooper, a Biddle consultant, is running to make a difference. This Saturday, September 29th, Criselda will be participating in the 3rd Annual Run for Courage in Folsom, California.

Run for Courage exists to raise awareness about sex trafficking in the United States. The rate of this horrendous crime is rapidly increasing in the U.S. where the average victim’s age is 13 years old! Last year, Run for Courage raised over $100, 000 to help these young people.

“I am involved with Run For Courage because I want to help make a difference in these survivor’s lives, most of whom have no voice in society. They desperately need us. Please help me by supporting this wonderful mission!”
Criselda Cooper 

If you’d like to know about Run for Courage or how you can participate, please visit Criselda’s Run for Courage page.