Valid Physical Ability Testing

For decades, employers have used pre-employment testing to determine which of their job applicants possess the skills and abilities required for success on the job. Nearly all employers understand the importance of using tests that are valid for use in the at-issue position, and insist that they are so. Strangely, physical ability testing has remained mostly unaffected by this trend. Savvy employers are beginning to ask important questions about physical ability testing.

  • Why should we implement a physical ability testing program?
  • What are the benefits of physical ability testing?
  • What are some of the pitfalls to be avoided when implementing a physical ability testing program?
  • How can I create valid physical ability tests?
  • How can I validate my existing physical ability tests?

In this webinar, our featured guest is Larry Feeler, the president of WorkSTEPS, a physical ability test developer and administrator based in Austin, Texas. WorkSTEPS maintains the largest network of affiliated physical ability testing centers in the U.S. today. Larry will answer these questions and more in this most informative webinar!

“Who I Am” – New PSA from ODEP’s Campaign for Disability Employment

“The new “Who I Am” PSA features nine real people with disabilities. Rather than be defined by disability, these individuals are the sum of their many life roles — which includes working in jobs they love. To learn more about the Campaign for Disability Employment, go to”

“Who I AM” (60 seconds, subtitles) from CDE: What Can You Do? on Vimeo.

Project Angel Tree

For the second year, employees at Biddle Consulting Group participated in Angel Tree.  Angel Tree reaches out to the children of prison inmates helping to meet their needs. On a volunteer basis, BCG employees “adopted a child” and purchased him or her a gift for Christmas. These gifts are then given in the name of their incarcerated parents as a reminder that they are not forgotten by their moms or dads. This year, 20 BCG employees bought gifts for 20 different children living in the Sacramento and El Dorado Counties!

Criselda Cooper, a consultant here at Biddle, coordinates this event for our office. She had this to say about Angel Tree:

“I love being part of making a difference in someone’s life whether it is to kids, people that are homeless, etc. Angle Tree is a simple way of giving back and reaching out to the community – more specifically to kids whose mom or dad (and sometimes both parents) is in prison. The simple gifts that these kids ask for could make a difference in their lives by knowing that they are loved; this to me is what Christmas means.  My heart is happy knowing that BCG employees are overwhelmingly generous in supporting this ministry. This is something that I will be doing every year. It’s a simple way of making a difference.”

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Angel Tree Gifts
Angel Tree Gifts at Cold Springs Church