KNCH/PKS Kids Charity Golf Tournament

Biddle is extremely excited to partner with KNCH Law to support the 2015 KNCH Charity Golf Tournament.


Each year, KNCH Law supports an under-represented charity  by sponsoring a golf tournament, with all proceeds going to the charity. This year, Biddle Consulting Group and KNCH are partnering to support PKS Kids is a non-profit organization aimed at helping all people affected by Pallister-Killian Syndrome. The primary purpose of the charity is to ensure that all families affected by PKS have access to the latest information related to the genetic disorder, as well as to parents and other loved ones for support and information sharing. Each year PKS Kids holds a conference where researchers, doctors, parents, and those afflicted can attend, with much of the charitable donations being used to ensure that all people affected by the disorder have the ability to attend, regardless of their own personal financial situation. Their mission statement is, “To promote research, provide education, and raise awareness within the medical community in order to ensure early diagnoses of children with Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS). To provide resources and support to families, therapists and caregivers of children with PKS.”

If you would like to find out more, or to support this charity, please visit

Operation Backpack

Operation BackpackIt can be discouraging to go to school when you don’t even have the basic supplies in your bag.  This summer Biddle Consulting Group participated in Operation Backpack. This was the perfect  opportunity to give back to the community and help less fortunate children find hope through education.

The goal of the drive was to collect and donate school backpacks and supplies for students in Pre-K through 12th Grade.  Our staff collected a total of 22 completely filled backpacks!

Thank you to everyone who participated!




Project Angel Tree

For the second year, employees at Biddle Consulting Group participated in Angel Tree.  Angel Tree reaches out to the children of prison inmates helping to meet their needs. On a volunteer basis, BCG employees “adopted a child” and purchased him or her a gift for Christmas. These gifts are then given in the name of their incarcerated parents as a reminder that they are not forgotten by their moms or dads. This year, 20 BCG employees bought gifts for 20 different children living in the Sacramento and El Dorado Counties!

Criselda Cooper, a consultant here at Biddle, coordinates this event for our office. She had this to say about Angel Tree:

“I love being part of making a difference in someone’s life whether it is to kids, people that are homeless, etc. Angle Tree is a simple way of giving back and reaching out to the community – more specifically to kids whose mom or dad (and sometimes both parents) is in prison. The simple gifts that these kids ask for could make a difference in their lives by knowing that they are loved; this to me is what Christmas means.  My heart is happy knowing that BCG employees are overwhelmingly generous in supporting this ministry. This is something that I will be doing every year. It’s a simple way of making a difference.”

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Angel Tree Gifts
Angel Tree Gifts at Cold Springs Church