Helping Change Lives

One of the many benefits of working for Biddle Consulting Group is the people on our team. The folks at BCG are not only experts in their field but truly are wonderful, caring individuals who seek out ways to give to the community.

This Spring Break, BCG President Dr. Dan Biddle said “yes” to an opportunity to help change lives and spend some high quality time with his 15 year old daughter. Dan and his daughter traveled with their church team of 605 people to Mexicali.

While there, the team:

  • Visited and fed the homeless living in the garbage dump
  • Passed out 500 despensas (care packages with basic necessities and food items)
  • Visited 23 churches to encourage them and run a week long program for the kids and community
  • Built 7 houses and 1 classroom
  • Donated wheelchairs and crutches to a home for the elderly


About the trip, Dan said,

“It was an amazing trip. I really enjoyed spending the week with 50-80 children who came to our camp each day. I was amazed at how easily 10 young Mexican kids completely humiliated our ad-hoc high school soccer team! Leaving was the toughest part… so many kids, so many new relationships, and so many touched lives (with my own on the top of the list).”

Take a moment and watch the video of  this incredible trip.