North to Alaska

Job Analysis Consultants Jim Kuthy and Joe Doane in Alaska

Biddle Consultants Jim Kuthy and Joe Doane recently returned from a job analysis study they conducted in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

“Prudhoe Bay is 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle and the temperatures ranged from 30 degrees below zero all the way up to a relatively balmy six degrees below zero.

Unfortunately, due to its isolation and severe weather there were no sightseeing opportunities available while we were up there. However, it may be enough to be able to brag that BCG employees actually do travel to the ends of the earth to service our clients.”

-Jim Kuthy, Ph.D

Here’s a brief video with Joe’s photos and narration of the trip:

New BCGi Community Website

(BCGi) Biddle Consulting Group Institute for Workforce DevelopmentTo better serve the HR community, we’ve launched a new website for the BCG Institute for Workforce Development (BCGi). As an HRCI approved provider, we are dedicated more than ever to providing the resources you, the busy HR professional, need.

BCGi’s new site now offers two membership levels:  BCGi Standard (free) and  BCGi Platinum ($199/yr). Please see the membership comparison chart for details.

The new makes collaborating, sharing ideas and connecting with others in your profession possible.

Visit today!

Product Feature: Prophecy Healthcare

BCG is a long time provider of pre-employment testing software solutions. Our products include assessments for offices (OPAC, Encounter), for use in the business classroom (OPAC), emergency dispatchers (CritiCall), calltakers (C4) and healthcare (Prophecy).

Prophecy Online Nursing AssessmentsProphecy, the most recent of those listed above, is a holistic pre-employment nursing assessment tool testing healthcare applicants in three areas: clinical, behavioral and situational. Biddle developed  the situational arm of Prophecy.

The Clinical Assessments by Prophecy are specialty specific, and help to identify professionals with sufficient job knowledge to perform successfully by targeting the most important aspects of each clinical specialty.

The Behavioral Assessments by Prophecy measure four dimensions of the clinician’s behaviors; cognitive abilities, personality, attitude, and engagement. The results allow you to prevent personality conflicts and counter-productive behaviors before they start.

The Situational Assessments by Prophecy are a series of video vignettes, depicting situations the nurse is likely to encounter day one on the job. The clinician is asked to choose the most effective and least effective ways to handle the situations. This assessment focuses on the “soft skills” of the clinician including critical thinking, prioritization, handling conflict and change, and developing patient relationships.

[Learn more about Prophecy and Biddle’s involvement]

David McParland, a valued BCG employee, is an account executive for the Prophecy Healthcare Testing Solution. In this short video, David shares why he likes working with Prophecy.

“Prophecy HealthCare’s leadership team really sets the company apart with their unique approach to addressing the hiring needs of the healthcare industry. The idea to create a holistic assessment – a testing solution that provides information on multiple job performance areas – may change the pre-hire testing arena. I enjoy being part of such an innovative and creative team!” David McParland