Sarepta Therapeutics – BCG Institute for Workforce Development (BCGi)

Thank you for offering these great webinars (on BCGi). The person presenting the webinar went quickly, but not too quickly.  I was able to keep up and was impressed that she was able to cover so much material in one hour.  Kudos to her!

Your speaker seemed to really have a passion for helping her audience understand the nuances and challenges that go into a successful AAP narrative.

Personally, I don’t find creating an AAP  fun.  But because I have been schooled  in the past 48 hours, I must say that I’m excited about our AAP for next year.  Even though Biddle will be doing most of the work, the data gathering can be painful.  I really appreciate these training webinars you provide your members for free.  It’s a very well done program!

You guys have always been great to work with and the training perks that come with the free BCGI membership are wonderful.

Working in a field where the rules and regulations seem to change daily, it’s important to have a trusted resource to keep us moving in the right direction with our compliance objectives. I so appreciate your services and will continue to recommend you to my network of HR Professionals here in Oregon, across the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

Thank you again!

Warm regards,

Janet Howard

HR Business Partner Associate
Sarepta Therapeutics

Miklos Systems, Inc. – AAP Outsourcing

Miklos Systems, Inc.As a Human Resources Manager new to my role and charged with the responsibility of developing our company’s AAP, I had researched various software programs, but decided to outsource the project to Biddle Consulting.  I spoke with a couple of other companies, but after speaking with Nancy Tipton, our Biddle Account Executive, I felt confident that I had chosen the right company.  Diana Sicari was assigned to assist me with the preparation of our AAP and was such a pleasure to work with.  She was very responsive to my emails and calls and turned things around very quickly.  I also have been very pleased with the Affirmative Action News updates that Biddle sends out to keep their clients abreast of changes in federal laws and regulations as they impact employment.  Along with these updates, they send their clients additional guidance to keep them on track and aware of their responsibilities as they relate to these changes.  I would have no reservation recommending Biddle Consulting for preparation of an AAP.

Madonna L. Dougherty
Human Resources Manager
Miklos Systems, Inc.