Washington County 911 – CritiCall

911 Emergency Dispatcher Testing Software

Washington County 911 - CritiCall Client“In 2000, before we started using CritiCall, we successfully trained and retained only 15% of our new hires. In mid-2001, we began to use CritiCall and our retention rate rose to 54%. In 2002, we did even better, retaining 86% of our new-hires. Believe it or not, the next year we had a 100% retention rate! CritiCall was not the only change we made …, but I consider it to be one of the most integral parts.”

Susan Kock
Training Coordinator
County 911, OR

City of Wilmington – CritiCall Dispatcher Testing Software

Public Safety Dispatcher Testing

City Of Wilmington - a CritiCall 911 Client“The CritiCall testing program is an excellent tool in identifying candidates best suited for communications in our 911 communications center. Since we have implemented CritiCall as a testing mechanism, our turnover has drastically reduced.”

Sheila Martin
HR Administrator
City of Wilmington, DE

Harrison County – CritiCall 911

Public Safety and 911 Dispatcher Employment Testing Software

Harrison County - CritiCall 911“We completed a hiring session earlier this month. CritiCall, as has been our practice, played an important part in the selection process. We are very pleased with the program. The quality of hires selected has improved greatly since we incorporated CritiCall into our operations.”

Jim Copenhaver
911 Administrative Coordinator
County Bureau of Emergency Services, WV