OPAC Office Skills Testing – Client Testimonial

Office Skills Testing for HR

I have to say, I have been absolutely astonished by the customer service that we have received from you and the quality of the software.  I had done quite a bit of research about the testing software that was available before we purchased yours and I really do believe that your software is best and the cost is so reasonable.  I am absolutely amazed by how often you keep in touch with us and offer assistance and follow up and solve issues so quickly.  I really would recommend you and your company to anyone, you are amazing!

Julie Kucher
Staffing Consultant
Canadian Public School District


City of Berkeley – OPAC Office Skills Testing Software

Pre-employment Office Skills Testing

City of Berkeley - an OPAC Office Skills Testing client“The OPAC computer proficiency testing software has allowed us to gauge the relative competency of candidates in the use of Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel. The software enables us to do this with batches of candidates at a time and allows easy reporting of each or all candidates’ results. This is something that is not otherwise practical to do easily or efficiently in our experience.”

HR Professional
City of Berkeley, CA