Colorado Springs Utilities – AutoGOJA Software

Job Analysis

Colorado Springs Utilities - Biddle AutoGOJA Client

“Biddle’s AutoGOJA gives us the data we need to develop sound, defensible selection practices which assist our organization in hiring the best possible candidates for our positions.”

Maria C. Bane
Senior Human Resources Specialist
Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs Utilities uses Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.’s AutoGOJA program to complete its job analyses. AutoGOJA job analysis program is designed to assist companies to analyze positions so as to facilitate selection plans, workforce planning, succession planning, training needs analyses and implementations, employee development programs, compensation analyses, ADA compliance checks and performance appraisals.

City of Berkeley – OPAC Office Skills Testing Software

Pre-employment Office Skills Testing

City of Berkeley - an OPAC Office Skills Testing client“The OPAC computer proficiency testing software has allowed us to gauge the relative competency of candidates in the use of Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel. The software enables us to do this with batches of candidates at a time and allows easy reporting of each or all candidates’ results. This is something that is not otherwise practical to do easily or efficiently in our experience.”

HR Professional
City of Berkeley, CA