Two Helpful Resources for Complying with the Federal Labor Laws

DOL Data Enforcement Site

US Dept of Labor Data Enforcement Website

The OGESDW.DOL.GOV link is the Department of Labor’s enforcement data website which houses investigations conducted by the various Government Agencies who enforce Federal labor laws; (OHSA, MSHA, WHD, EBSA, OFCCP). The tables included on the site show organizations that have been found to be compliant in addition to ones who were found to have the various forms of identified violations (e.g. financial settlements).

EEOC Newsroom

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Newsroom

The EEOC’s newroom houses current and past legal cases in addition to articles regarding lawsuits or settled with various organizations covered under Title VII. This link also offers news updates related to current and recent actions the EEOC is involved in. Every organization should periodically review the material and take steps to ensure that their organization is not vulnerable to the types of violations/discrimination discussed on the site.

Affirmative Action Planning: Outsource or Software?

John Piatt answers the question, “How do we decide if we should outsource our Affirmative Action Planning or use software?”.

In deciding between using software or outsourcing your AAP ask yourself:

1. How well do I really understand Affirmative Action Planning?

2. Do I understand how to manipulate data?

3. How comfortable am I with installing new applications?

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New Edition: Adverse Impact and Test Validation Book Makes Debut at National ILG Conference in New Orleans, LA

"Adverse Impact and Test Validation", 3rd EdGain valuable insight on updated EEO methodologies and compliance with Dan Biddle’s Adverse Impact and Test Validation: A Practitioner’s Guide, 3rd Ed.

Analyzing adverse impact and developing defensible testing programs are two important functions of an HR professional’s job. This book describes the practical steps that employers can take to safeguard their hiring systems against audits or litigation actions, and build robust testing systems that will have the highest likelihood of properly selecting qualified workers.

Co-authored by Richard E. Biddle, MBA, Stacy L. Bell, MS, Leonard S. Fedt, PhD, Jim Higgins, EdD, Gregory M. Hurtz, PhD, Daniel C. Kuang, PhD, James E. Kuthy, PhD, Scott Morris, PhD, and Patrick M. Nooren, PhD.

More about the book:
Adverse Impact and Test Validation: A Practitioner’s Guide, 3rd Edition
Author: Daniel A. Biddle, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-7414-6606-6

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