Jacksonville, Florida – CritiCall 911

Public Safety Dispatcher Testing Software

Jacksonville - CritiCall 911 Client[Using CritiCall] has helped speed up the testing process. We went from testing quarterly to now testing as soon as we have pre-qualified applicants. We have saved money and resources and hired more qualified individuals in the process.”

Amy Smith
Human Resources
City of Jacksonville Beach
, FL

Jefferson Community College – OPAC Office Skills Testing

Office Skills Testing for the Classroom

Jefferson Community College - OPAC Office Skills Testing Client

“I used the OPAC System with my students in their final semester of an Associate Degree. The results showed the students’ strengths and areas needing review. The students became very competitive. The instant feedback of test results caused the students to review their work to understand why they lost points. I used it not only to evaluate the students but to motivate them to better performance.”

Janet Carson
Jefferson Community College
, KY