Team Building and Charity Go Hand-in-Hand at Biddle

Biddle’s EEO Team participated in Folsom’s Day of Service for its quarterly team-building activity. Activities included a friendly Jenga competition and collection of canned foods for donation.

The Twin Lakes Food Bank has 49 drop off centers in the area and they cater to families/individuals/elderly people in need. Food distribution carts are set up at the church across from their center on weekends, and they deliver food to elderly people’s homes/institutions regularly.

BCG's EVP Patrick Nooren competing in the Jenga challenge
BCG’s EVP Patrick Nooren competing in the Jenga challenge
BCG's QC Team in front of the Twin Lakes Foodbank
BCG’s QC team, (L to R): Elizabeth Vang, Oscar Martinez, Sahana Sarkar, and Rose Ramos

Adam Agard: Proud Dad!

From the OPAC  Office Skills Testing & Certification blog

Adam, OPAC senior account executive, is one proud dad. Not only is his 5 year old son brilliant and very cute but he’s also one heck of a runner. Recently, little Andrew participated in a jog-a-thon to raise money to buy computers and other technology for his elementary school. Andrew is in Kindergarten and everything is fun and exciting – even running laps.

Running is fun!
Running is fun!


“Every time Andrew ran past me, he would give me & his mom a ‘thumbs up’.
It was very cute, ” commented Adam.

Several of us were pleased to participate in the school’s jog-a-thon, too. No…we didn’t run, but we gave pledges on behalf of Andrew. We were happy to support both Andrew and a local elementary school.

By the way, Andrew finished with 8 laps – we figure that’s close to 2 miles!  Way to go, Andrew!