The Business and Fun Facets of the NILG 2017 Conference


Biddle Consulting Group participates in the National ILG Conference each year. Our executives and top consultants often present on relevant EEO, Compensation Analysis (Pay Equity), and Affirmative Action Planning topics to the premiere industry association. This year, we were selected to present / co-present:

  • Impact Ratio Analysis Reports & Non‐AAP Areas of Compliance
  • Compensation Basics & How OFCCP Audits Work
  • AAP Cross Fit: Basic Training to Get Your Organization Into Compliance

We also volunteer to serve on conference committees, whether it’s helping with programs and exhibitors to make for a more successful event, or promoting next year’s National ILG Conference being held on July 31-August 3, 2018 in Anaheim, California.

We are serious about our business, but we definitely like to have a little fun while away at conference. Whether it’s enjoying the mariachi band and entertainment at the welcome reception, networking with clients, practitioners, industry leaders, and partners, playing a Plinko-type game for prizes at our booth in the vendor hall, or treating our peers to dinner at Chart House Restaurant, it’s with appreciation and gratitude that we get to know people beyond the formalities.

Our time at the ILG Conference is a favorite event of the year.

A Spectacular Opening of the 2011 ILG National Conference

Last night was the opening event of the 2011 ILG National Conference. Highlights included this spectacular musical performance celebrating the diverse racial, cultural, and musical history of New Orleans.

Following the performance, OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu delivered her annual keynote address covering recent accomplishments, current events and future plans.

On our Affirmative Action News Blog, we published this summary of Ms. Shiu’s words:

Ms. Shiu reminded the audience that the White House directive to eliminate the gender pay gap is still very much in effect. Also, that the OFCCP is still pushing hard to update many areas of the regulations including Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, The Compensation Guidelines, Section 4212 (Vets regs), the Compliance Manual, The Itemized Listing (desk audit letter), and the Construction regulations.

Women are making 81 cents for every dollar that men make and Ms. Shiu stated that the difference can account for hundreds of thousands of dollars across a person’s career. The OFCCP expects to roll out a new compensation collection tool in the next few months.

One key quote that stood out regarding the value of compliance efforts was how organizations can benefit from effort put into AAPs/Diversity. “Employers who embrace diversity see a better bottom line.”

Additional footnotes:

  • The Federal Contract Compliance Manual is very close to completion
  • New compensation analysis guidelines are coming
  • The key to audits is quality not quantity
  • The DOL, DOJ and EEOC are sharing information and referring cases
  • President Obama wants a unified Civil Rights Agenda
  • Compliance is no longer defined by Good Faith Efforts alone, accountability must exist
  • Clarity is an important part of enforcement and many regulations must be updated

In her closing remarks, Director Shiu said, “We need a new ethic of responsibility. We need a new ethic of opportunity.”

ILG National Conference

NILG Conference 2011Are going to the NILG Conference? Here’s where you can find us…

Make sure to attend the preconference “EEO Analysis Bootcamp” lead by Dan Biddle, Patrick Nooren and Daniel Kuang on Tuesday, July 26.

This presentation will attempt to cover every fundamental statistical technique used in EEO analysis and compliance, including: adverse impact, utilization analyses, “tipping point” tests, multiple regression (for compensation analysis), and logistic regression (for advanced adverse impact analysis). Developing a core understanding of these topics is essential because virtually every practitioner who works in the EEO/AA compliance field needs to be familiar with these techniques.

Title: “EEO Analysis Bootcamp” with Dan Biddle, Patrick Nooren & Daniel Kuang
Date: Tuesday, July 26th
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
More info:

Then, on Thursday, July 28th, Dan Biddle will be participating in a panel titled “Navigating the Landscape”.

The world of equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action (AA) continues to change with the times. This change happens for a variety of reasons, including political leadership turnover in Washington D.C., new laws, and new enforcement policies. Federal agencies also adapt to deal with contemporary forms of discrimination, and courts continue to rule on controversial EEI cases where science and law necessarily intersect. The purpose of this presentation is to update the federal contractor community on a series of cutting edge EEO/AA topics (e.g., compensation enforcement, fatal flaws in employment testing, EEO/AA for disabled and veteran applicants, hot trends in OFCCP audits, relevant case law review, etc.). Toward that end, a panel of experts was organized, and includes experts from EEO law, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and HR practice. The session will use a pre-determined question and answer format, and will also take questions from the audience.

Title: “Navigating the Landscape” Panel with Dan Biddle and several other industry experts
Date: Tuesday, July 26th
Time: 2:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
More info:

Also, stop by the Biddle Consulting Group booth and say “Hi!”.