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TVAP - Test Validation & Analysis Program

Test Validation & Analysis Software

Online Test Validation and Analysis - TVAP Online

TVAP Online - Online Test Validation and Analysis ProgramTVAP Online is a progam designed to be used by personnel professionals to aid in validating written tests that address the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) and relevant court cases. With TVAP Online, you will be able to determine the validity and cutoff scores of each individual item on your employment assessments.

TVAP Online is an online program that provides basic test validation and analyses. For more advanced analyses including item analysis, DIF analysis, and adverse impact analyses, you'll want to use the TVAP software mentioned at the top of this page or request a quote for Biddle Consulting Group's test development and test validation consulting services. The results from TVAP Online may be imported into the TVAP software for more advanced test analyses.

For more information about TVAP Online and to register for an online test validation account, visit

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