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Test Development and Test Validation

Personnel selection test development and validation

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. can assist your organization with the development of customized employment tests - written tests, physical ability tests, structured interview packages - designed specifically for your organization and job(s).

Validation is a process used to evaluate the job relatedness of a practice, procedure, test or combination of these used in a selection process. Validation studies usually incorporate content, criterion, or construct validation procedures. Biddle Consulting Group has experience with each.

Under the disparate impact provisions of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, validation is required when a practice, procedure, or test used for hiring, promotion, or other employment decision adversely impacts (works to the disadvantage of) a race, sex, or ethnic group protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (usually women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and/or total minorities). Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. has been providing expert consulting services in the field of validation since 1974.

Biddle Consulting Group uses its copyrighted and trademarked Guidelines Oriented Job Analysis (GOJA) for the job analysis component of its validation studies. GOJA has been referenced in several textbooks, articles, and other sources, including:

Biddle Consulting Group's work products (job analysis, validation and statistical adverse impact analyses) have been supported in many court cases, including:

Biddle Consulting Group has experience validating a variety of practices, procedures, and tests such as written tests, skills tests, aptitude tests, personality tests, physical ability tests, assessment centers, oral interviews, and many others.

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