United Technical Associates – Office Skills Testing Software

Office Skills Testing Software for Human Resources

United Technical Associates, Inc. is very satisfied with the OPAC System. Because we are a professional and technical employment service, it is important to screen all of our applicants. Since our purchase of the OPAC System, we are using the testing package as an important tool in our screening process. The OPAC System is meeting the needs of our clients and also is very cost effective compared to our other testing packages.

Alice Skiro
Human Resources Manager
United Technical Associates, Inc.


OPAC Office Skills Testing – Client Testimonial

Office Skills Testing for HR

I have to say, I have been absolutely astonished by the customer service that we have received from you and the quality of the software.  I had done quite a bit of research about the testing software that was available before we purchased yours and I really do believe that your software is best and the cost is so reasonable.  I am absolutely amazed by how often you keep in touch with us and offer assistance and follow up and solve issues so quickly.  I really would recommend you and your company to anyone, you are amazing!

Julie Kucher
Staffing Consultant
Canadian Public School District


Energy and Utility Company – AAP Consulting and Audit Support

Affirmative Action Consulting and Audit Support

“Biddle Consulting is a professional organization who truly cares about their clients. Besides exceeding our expectations on a regular basis, we totally rely on their knowledge and advice during audit situations. They are true experts in the affirmative action arena while consistently providing the personal touch every company desires.”

HR Compliance Specialist
Energy and Utility Company